Construction Technology

Construction Technology

Technological advancements have always driven construction forward. We’re able to build stronger, taller, and more energy efficient structures. What seemed like future tech 10, 20 years ago like connected equipment and tools, telematics, mobile apps, autonomous heavy equipment, drones, robots, augmented and virtual reality, and 3D printed buildings are here and being deployed

Refrigeration and air conditioning are all things that everyone takes for granted, until they’re not working. The same might be said for the supply of technicians, who keep those systems running. The Technician – Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is designed to address the issue of specialized skilled workforce in this area.

Air conditioner industry has seen a significant change over last few years. The AC market has witnessed a healthy growth in the recent years and if the analyst believe same growth rate would continue for few more years to come.


Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is a career with opportunity. In today’s world, every building has a climate control system and air conditioning, every supermarket and shop has a refrigeration system or refrigerator. RAC is a service-oriented profession and always in demand.

Because of the constant demand for skilled professionals, there is high income potential.


Imported equipment supported with latest technology and a learning management system.

Support for Overseas placement wherever possible

Real time troubleshooting on equipment for common and typical problems

Course TitleCourse DurationMonthsMinimum EligibilityBengaluruKalaburagiBelagaviMangaluruHubballi
Technician - Refrigeration180 Hours3 MonthsSSLC/ITIxxxx
Technician - Air Conditioning120 Hours2 MonthsSSLC/ITIxxxx
Technician - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning240 Hours4 MonthsSSLC/ITIxxxx
Site and Survey Technician120 Hours3 MonthsSSLC/ITIxxx
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